Sheikh Rashid's Zabeel Palace

In 1965 Sheikh Rashid's Zabeel Palace was completely surrounded by sand where it stood alone in the desert. It was Sheikh Rashid's home as well as his Palace and remained so until his death in 1990. Now modern buildings surround and overshadow this historic building. Its name has been given to Sheikh Mohammed's new Zabeel Palace and the old Zabeel Palace lies almost forgotten - but not quite!!!

Building Zabeel Palace 1963-65

Zabeel Palace originally comprised three small buildings built in the late 1950s. Around 1963 Sheikh Rashid commissioned Overseas AST to build a new Zabeel Palace. Ing. Otto Bulart of Overseas AST designed and built a rectangular building linking three existing buildings to form a single complex. Ing. Bulart also designed Dubai's Clock Tower, started and managed Dubai Zoo then went on to start and manage Al Ain Zoo. Sheikh Rashid took up residence in his new Palace around 1965. Her lived there for the rest of his life. He became UAE's Prime Minister after the UAE's Government resigned on April 25th 1979. Sheikh Rashid, now in his late 60s, took on a heavy workload including a considerable amount of travel. He became very ill around 1982. He retired to Zabeel Palace where he remained until his death at Zabeel Palace on October 7th 1990.

Zabeel Palace stands alone in the desert

Sheikh Mohammed built his Palace in the same area as his father's Zabeel Palace.