Dubai's Weather 1963

Dubai's people mostly lived in Barasti Huts made from Palm Fronds in 1963. These were cheap to build and provided shelter from the sun and enabled breezes (if there were any) to cool the Huts. Both local people and illegal immigrants built Barasti Huts for their homes. But sometimes the wind blew and the rains came....

Dubai's Weather - Sun, Sun and more Sun!

Dubai's weather is perceived to be constant sunshine with high temperatures.

That is true for a large part of the year. But Dubai can experience violent weather - dust storms - torrential rain - fog - high winds and even hail stones. They are not frequent or predictable but when any of these weathers arrive, they bring with them the potential for causing damage and creating chaos, particularly on Dubai's roads. Photo by Gulf News

In 1963 road traffic was not a major problem. Simply keeping a roof over your head and your feet on dry ground was......

Click on Image below for photos taken by Ludwig Hejze in 1963