Russ North's Dubai Map 1988

How to get to my house.....

---Drive down the Iranian Hospital Road towards Chicago Beach. When you get to Safa Park on your left, turn right by the Automatic Bakery then take third on left. Contunue until you see the Sheikh's house on the left - you can't miss it - then take next right. My house is the fourth one on the left - the house with the blue door, opposite the Mosque.

Typically this was how directions will have been given to locate to someone's home in 1970s-80s. In 1984 Dubai Municipality attempted to resolve the lack of street names.They applied a French based system of defining and naming districts then numbering streets within each district. While this sytem may have worked well in Paris, it didn't have the same success in Dubai. People ignored the naming system and continued to use landmarks for directions. There were no street maps available at that time other than some published in a few Guide Books. There was a need for a decent Dubai Map!

Russ North is a professional Illustrator who came to Dubai in 1980s. His 3D Map of Dubai was published in 1988 and soon became popular with companies wanting to promote their products, as a popular wall poster. Everyone seemed to have a copy of Russ's map. Many have kept that map as a Dubai Keepsake. This image is extracted from a Magazine.