Rod Northway's 1968 Sharjah

Rod Northway lived in Dubai from 1968 to 1970. He went to work for Sir William Halcrows and Partners. Rod operated the Site Laboratory in the initial stages of Port Rashid's Construction. Rod recalls how Sharjah used to be through his old photograph he has recovered and restored.

Rod Northway's Sharjah 1968

This 1968/69 photo shows "The Tree" at the Dubai end of Sharjah ‘High Street’. "The Tree" was a guiding beacon for people coming into Sharjah from the hinterland - mainly from the Dhaid area. Sharjah people slaughtered their goats under this tree. We understood this tree may have also been where "criminals" were punished or even executed! Sharjah ‘High Street’ starts just beyond The Tree. When we first visited Sharjah in 1968.
Sharjah ‘High Street’ was just sand, no tarmac. A 4WD Landrover or similar was needed if you wanted to go beyond the High Street. In 1968 the road between Dubai and Sharjah was an 11 km stretch of surfaced road running from Dubai to The Tree. This piece of surfaced road encouraged us to buy a 2-wheel-drive car in 1969 for my wife to get to and from her work at Dubai Petroleum Company. We bought a Volkswagen Beetle with an air cooled engine. It was one of the first ‘cars’ in Dubai and Sharjah. You can see our VW on the left of the photo.

Rod Northway

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