John Tidy's Images of Holy Trinity Church Dubai 1970s

Sheikh Rashid was very tolerant of religions other than Islam establishing facilities in Dubai to serve Dubai's growing Expatriate population. He permitted a Hindu Temple to be built in Bur Dubai in 1958 and St Mary's Catholic Church in 1967.

By late 1960s Dubai Western Expatriate population was growing with Dubai's expanding Offshore Oil industry and commencement of major construction projects such as Port Rashid. A Group, representing the Anglican Christian Expatriate Community, approached Sheikh Rashid with a proposal to establish an Anglican Church. Sheikh Rashid agreed and allocated land in Oud Methah for the Church. Funding for building the Church came from a variety of sources and in many forms. Construction companies provided their services free of charge, community volunteers assisted with the construction and materials were donated free of charge. Back then Holy Trinity Church was the only building in that area and surrounded by desert sand

John worked for Costains Civil Engineering Ltd, supervising all Carpentry and Joinery at Dubai Airport then under construction. He assisted with Holy Trinity Church's construction on a voluntary basis.

Who designed the Church?

Holy Trinity Church was designed by Chuck Pringle. Its distinctive Steel Frame Roof designed by Duncan Goldsby. Both Chuck and Duncan were working on the new Dubai Airport Terminal Building in 1970. They assisted with the design and construction of the Holy Trinity Church as Community Volunteers. Old oil pipes, donated by Dubai Petroleum Company, were used to construct the steel frame for Holy Trinity Church's roof. This steel frame was then covered with marine plywood provided by Capt Jarman of Dubai Ports Services, Managers and Operators of Port Rashid. A consignment of Marine Plywood had been abandoned by its Owners at Port Rashid and was due to be sold in the regular monthly auction of "time expired" and abandoned goods. Capt Jarman was able to obtain approval from Dubai Customs to remove the consignment of marine plywood from the auction and donate to the Holy Trinity Church's construction.