Rod Northway's Dubai Images 1968-70

Rod moved from London to Dubai in 1968 and stayed for 2 years. In London he worked for Sir William Halcrow & Partners where he was responsible for concrete reinforcement design. In Dubai, Rod managed Halcrows Onsite Laboratory for Port Rashid's construction. Rod took these images of Dubai and Port Rashid during early stages of Port Rashid's construction.

Traditional Dhow building on Dubai Creek. Location is next to Al Maktoum Bridge 1970

  • Traditional Dhow building on Dubai Creek. Location is next to Al Maktoum Bridge 1970

  • Dubai as it used to be in 1970

  • Rod's daughter was born at Al Maktoum Hospital. Before 1968, Western Expatriates would have flown to Bahrain for maternal/medical treatment.

  • Rod used this map to explain Dubai's location to people overseas. People around the World had not heard of Dubai back in 1970.

  • Rod's Colleagues Alan Delves & T.V. Madannan at Port Rashid. Note T.V. Madannan's 1970s Polaroid Camera

  • Reinforced Concrete Deck Beams These were laid across sheet piling as the base for Berth construction

  • Here the Crane is putting Deck Beams into place
    Several thousand of these Deck Beams were made onsite and used in Port Rashid's construction

  • This image shows the Deck Beams in place
    On left are Strengthening Rods that will form the base for Quay Wall Construction

  • One of the first ships to call at Port Rashid. Also shows Quay Wall being built on top of Deck Units.

  • These 3 Villas were previously located on the Beach.
    Now Dredgers deposit sea bed material on the beach. This part of Jumeirah Beach will soon disappear.

  • Deck Beams in place and Quay Wall completed. Original beach has been covered with dredged fill. Next Stage is to build top layer of Storage Areas, Sheds and Berth Aprons

  • Ships started to call at Port Rashid even though dredgers were still working. Port Cargo Operations moved in to each Berth as soon as it was completed

  • Port Rashid 1971. Only partially completed but already handling cargo ships. Another 11 Berths were yet to be constructed. Jumeirah & Satwa were still to be developed

  • Rod left Dubai in 1970, sailing on Cement Ship Bamburi to East Africa. His Halcrow Colleagues were on the Quayside to bid him farewell.