Al Fahidi Street Dubaiside 1971

We lived on Al Fahidi Street when I went to work in Dubai in 1971. Our new home was a 4th floor apartment in Al Owais Building. On the ground floor was VV and Sons where everyone bought their HiFi. At that time only 5 European Expatriate families lived on Al Fahidi Street. Area still had some traditional buildings with Windtowers. These were soon to be demolished, making way for new buildings. My Al Fahidi Street images were taken from the windows and balcony of our apartment. They show Al Fahidi Street and its surroundings as they used to be in 1971.

Len Chapman


These images were taken from our Apartment in Al Owais Building on Al Fahidi Street in 1971. Al Owais Building, one of the first high rise buildings on Dubaiside, was demolished in 2014