Wadis after the Rains 1990s

Dubai's Hatta Mountains were not generally accessible until the Hatta Road opened in mid 1970s. Dubai's growing population and the ready availability of 4WD vehicles meant the Hatta Region soon became a weekend destination for all Dubai's Residents. Wadis in Hatta Mountains took on a fresh beauty after the seasonal rains. Care was needed to avoid dangerous flash floods which could quickly and unexpectedly happen. Lives were sadly lost when people ignored the warning signs.

About Hatta Mountain Images

These images were taken on several trips into Hatta Mountains covering several years. The seasons vary from the dry, hot and arid summers to the wet and sometimes windy winters. Driving into the mountains in 1970s and 80s carried some degree of risk. There were no mobiles phones then plus there was unlikely to be other people nearby so a vehicle breakdown or an injury could mean being stranded until help chanced by. By the 1990s more and more people were accessing the mountains so sometimes crossing a wadi could be as much about finding a way through the 4WD vehicle traffic as it was finding a way through the wadi!

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