Dubai's First Hard Rock Cafe 1988

HRC's location on Dubai's outer edge defied logic! It was difficult to get to. Who would go there? Its mini Empire State Building architecture just didn't "fit in" with Dubai. It's an Eyesore! And yet Dubai's first Hard Rock Cafe became a favourite cafe with many Dubai Residents. They fought to save HRC when its closure and demolition was announced in 2011. They lost. Dubai's original HRC disappeared!

The Beginning, The End and a new Beginning

Chuck Berry performed for HRC's opening in 1998. Dubai's Hard Rock Cafe thrived despite its location and architecture and became more popular as Dubai grew. Slowly HRC was surrounded by Internet and Media Cities. Eventually that growth engulfed HRC. Its land became a prime development site for "new developments". Announcement of HRC's closure and future demolition led to a popular social media movement to save this modern day Dubai Icon. In March 2009 Dubai's Hard Rock Cafe closed and was eventually demolished in spite of public protest. A new Hard Rock Cafe opened in Dubai's Festival City complete with the World's Tallest Guitar! It offers what the old HRC did but somehow it's not the same!

CLICK HERE for VIDEO: Hard Rock Cafe Crumbles!!