Frank Herbert Banker Dubai 1952

Frank Herbert led a remarkable life even before moving to Dubai in 1952. With a background of British Army and Palestine Police his move to Dubai was into Banking. He lived in Dubai until he retired many years later but during that time he received an Invitation to a Reception with Queen Elizabeth the Second of England........
Frank Herbert

Frank's Background

Growing up in Gloucesteshire England, Frank went to Marling School in Stroud later becoming a Brewer's Clerk, getting married in 1938 before joining the British Army at the start of the Second World War. After the war he joined the Palestine Police Force until the Force was withdrawn when United Nations ended the British Mandate in Palestine. Frank returned to the UK and, in 1952, he left the Palestine Police Force and moved to Dubai where he went to work for the newly established National Bank of Dubai. Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, then Ruler of Dubai, established the National Bank of Dubai in the early 1950s to counteract the predominance of foreign banks in Dubai at that time. Although Frank had no record as a Banker he obviously had expertise which was attractive to the NBD. Bank Security could have been a role suited to someone with Frank's background.

Gin and Tonics with Queen of England

Over the years Frank progressed in the National Bank of Dubai until he held a senior position at the Bank. When Queen Elizabeth II of England made her State Visit to Dubai in 1979, Frank Herbert received an invitation to a Reception given by Queen Elizabeth II on board HMY Yacht Britannia. Frank made the most of his HMY Britannia visit as his letter to his family in England shows! Frank Herbert retired to Spain and sadly died in 1994. His family has provided a copy of Frank's Invitation to the Queen's Reception and also his letter to his wife giving an account of his visit to HMY Britannia in 1979 at Dubai's Port Rashid.

Frank Herbert's Invitation

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