Dubai Dirt Donks 1978

Dubai's first Off Road Motorcycle Club started in 1978 by Barry Hope and Graeme MacFarlane who arrived in Dubai in 1977. They adopted the name "Dirt Donks" for the Club after a well known motorcycle magazine.
Barry and Graeme realised Dubai was ideal for off road motorcycling. Others soon joined them and Dubai Dirt Donks Off Road Motorcycle Club was born.

Start of Off Road Motorcycling in Dubai

RM400 Suzuki Dirt Bikes were imported by Yousuf Habib Al Yousuf. These Suzuki Motorbikes became the Club's mainstay motorbike. A "Supercross" Track was built in the old Al Nasr Football Club Stadium next to Rashid Hospital with the help of Sheikh Mana bin Khalifa Al Maktoum. Building material came from the "under construction" Al Nasr Football Stadium. Suzuki Motorbikes sent Japan's leading Motocross Rider Katsutoshi Iwao San to help the new Club. Katsutoshi Iwao was one of the first international sportsmen to visit Dubai. On his inaugural ride around the new course, Iwao San fell off his bike as he negotiated the Club's new "Double Jump"!

Dubai Dirt Donks' track's location meant it the land was soon wanted for development. Dubai Dirt Donks found a new home at the Dubai Metropolitan Hotel on the old Abu Dhabi Road.

Dubai Dirt Donks growing then fading

Dubai Dirt Donks popularity spread both within and outside UAE. Membership was international. Clubs were established in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman leading to interclub competitions and championships. The Club was invited to complete in India and achieved success at the Indian Motor Cross Grand Prix held at Poona in 1985. Dubai Dirt Donks established training programmes for Novices and Youngsters so Membership grew. Eventually Dubai Dirt Donks was restructured into Dubai Motorcross Club which still exists today in modern Dubai.