Dubai Defense Force Parade 1972

UAE's Provisional Constitution gave each Emirate Ruler the right to establish their own Security Force. Trucial Oman Scouts (as they were now called) was the only security force in Dubai until 2nd December 1971. On the date UAE's Independence was declared and the Trucial Oman Scouts became "redundant". Sheikh Rashid established his new Dubai Defence Force (DDF) with soldiers recruited from these "redundant" Trucial Oman Scouts.

DDF established their barracks near the Defence Roundabout on the old Abu Dhabi Road. There new recruits were trained and "passed out" at a monthly parade which the general public could attend by invitation. Peter was 6 years old. He (back then) loved all things military so when Mum and Dad received their DDF Pass Out Parade Invitation, Peter wanted to go to. DDF were telephoned and asked "Could Peter come too?". DDF Headquarters said children could not attend DDF Passing Out Parades, BUT make sure Peter is outside his house at 0700 hours next Friday morning ------ He was!

The Parade passes by!


Peter's family lived in an apartment block on the road linking Iranian Hospital Road (Al Wasl Road) with Jumeirah Beach Road by Dubai Zoo. Before 0700 hours the next Friday morning, Peter positioned himself on the sand outside the apartment block and waited. Eventually he heard the faint sounds of a Military Band which grew louder until Peter saw the Dubai Defence Force Band turn the corner from Al Wasl Road and marched down the road towards him. DDF Band was followed by a squad of DDF Recruits. As the Parade reached Peter the Officer in Charge gave the order "Eyes Left!". The Parade saluted Peter as he stood wide eyed. The DDF Band and Recruits marched on to Jumeirah Beach Road until the sound of their music faded. It was an unforgettable experience for a 6 year old boy.

Officer in Charge of DDF Training had rerouted a regular training march to pass by Peter's home. Dubai knew the value of Public Relations even in 1972!

Programme for the Passing Out Parade