Costain Club Jumeirah Beach Road 1974

Richard Costain established his building company in 1865 in Liverpool England. By 1930s his company had moved into the Middle East to take on major construction contracts in Iran and Kuwait. In 1950s Sheikh Rashid appointed Costains to build Dubai's First Airport which completed in 1960. Not long after Dubai discovered oil in commercial quantities. Sheikh Rashid was able to realise his long held dream of building a deep water port. Port Rashid's construction began in 1969 with Costains as the main Contractor.

Costains' Villas on Jumeriah Beach Road

Port Rashid's construction contract Sheikh Rashid stipulated Costains were responsible for building Villas to house their staff. At the end of the contract these Villas would revert to Sheikh Rashid's ownership. Sheikh Rashid allocated a large section of Jumeirah's then pristine beach area for this new estate. In addition to these Villas, Costains also built a Clubhouse for their Staff. This was located on prime seafront beach in Jumeirah and included sports facilities, restaurant, bars and a swimming pool. Costain Club opened officially in 1974.

These Costain Villas were popular and remained in demand for nearly 30 years. Dubai's major boom in the 2000s led to these Villa being demolished and replaced by exotic and expensive property along Jumierah Beach. Jumierah's long stretch of open beach has gone as has the popular Costain Club.


  • Copyright George Ranson