Burj Al Arab Hotel Construction 1994

Appearing to be built on an artificial island off Dubai's coastline the "Seven Star" Burj was actually firmly anchored into the seabed. With building starting in 1994, its architecture was revolutionary and soon became an internationally recognised Dubai Icon. The Burj together with Jumeirah Beach Hotel replaced the Chicago Beach Hotel, Dubai's first Resort Hotel.
During the construction phase the project was called "Chicago Beach Hotel" but Sheikh Mohammed named his new hotel "Burj Al Arab" prior to its opening in 1999.

June G exclaimed....

"There's a Seven Star Hotel at the bottom of my Garden !!"

In 1990s June lived in a small group of red roofed houses on Chicago Beach. Dubai's newest hotel, then named "Chicago Beach Hotel", was being built on reclaimed land just a few hundred meters offshore from her garden. June had a ringside seat as the world's first 7 star hotel rose out of the sea to become Dubai's iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel. June took some photos too!