Dubai's 100 Villas

100 Villas were low cost / low rent Villas built in 1970s on Dubai's coastline towards Jebel Ali. Not surprisingly they became a landmark known as "The 100 Villas"! It became a popular place to live despite being a long way out of town by 1970's standards. Low rents and beachside location were the attractions.
By the end of the 1990s the 100 Villas land became valuable with Dubai's rapid expansion and so were demolished in the early 2000s.

Living by the Beach

International Air Radio leased many of these Villas to house staff operating Air Traffic Control services at Dubai Airport. Although the 100 Villas Residents lived "out of town" they, nevertheless, could live an enviable lifestyle with free access to an open and empty beach that, back then, stretched as far as the eye could see. But by the 1990s Dubai began to realise this beachside land's value as Dubai grew outwards. Hotels and Resorts were planned for the area.

Around year 2000 the "100 Villas" were vacated and 96 Villas demolished. Four Villas were retained as headquarters for Dubai's new "Big Secret" project - Palm Island Jumeirah. Today Tourists spend large amounts of money to sit on a crowded beach where Residents of 100 Villas once enjoyed for free, unhindered by crowds or restrictions.

100 Villas and Palm Island

These remaining four Villas housed Palm Island's Designers, Salesforce and Management. Bedrooms walls were adorned with Designers' Concept drawings and plans for Palm Island Villas. Lounges became sales offices and meeting rooms. Photocopiers, Printers and Computers filled hallways. Kitchens now constantly made coffee and tea instead of family meals. "Tea Boys" ran back and forth collecting and delivering orders. Gardens were turned into car parks.

Outwardly there was no signage to indicate these four Villas were the hub of one of Dubai's biggest projects. Initially Palm Island Project was a "secret" but probably Dubai's worst kept secret! Palm Island Project became public around 2001 and Palm Island's Sales and Design workforce relocated to a grandiose new Sales Office near Palm Island. The last four "100 Villas" were then demolished.

What was there in 1976

What was there in 1990s

What is there today