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Palm Island 2001
Palm Island Project was a secret in 2001 until..... Read more
Dubai's Forgotten Company
Dubai Port Services played a major role in Dubai's development but no one remembers... Read more
Dubai Revisited 2005 - Changes!
Back in Dubai - But it had changed! Read more
First Inflatable Powerboat Race
Warren Duncan recalls racing Inflatable Powerboats offshore from Chicago Beach Hotel Read more
Your Images.
There must be thousands of photos of Old Dubai hiding in long forgotten Photo Albums around the World. Maybe you have some! Read more
Did you know?
Doha has Clocktower with a Clock identical with original Clock on Dubai's Clocktower. There's story why... Read more
Watch Dubai's History
Dubai's Remarkable History on Film Read more
Dubai's Water Towers
Water Towers were an essential part of everyday life in 1960-70s. Today only one remainsRead more
Did you know...
Dubai's first tarmac road connected Sheikh Ahmed of Qatar's Dubai Creek Compound with Sheikh Rashid's Zabeel Palace. Then came Al Maktoum Bridge Read more
Sheikh Mohammed's Wedding
Dubai's first major public event that has not been equalled since in scale or community involvement.... Read more
Images Source
Images come from a variety of sources - original images - Contributor's images - scans of old magazines etc... Read more

Communities were closer back then

  Khalifa Nabooda
Chicago Beach
Chicago Beach is a name that has disappeared - but it was somewhere everyone knew back then Read more
The Two Ahmeds
A Dubai Story with an unhappy ending.... Read more
Zabeel Palace
Once Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum's home, it became the Forgotten Palace of Sheikh Rashid's death in 1990... Read more
Did You Know..
Holy Trinity Church Roof was built from a consignment of marine plywood abandoned in Port Rashid
Building Emirates Golf Club
Designed to save water!! Read more
Did You Know..
Dubai's electrical power during this period came from a small diesel engined power station in Deira ... Read more
Dates and Data
Dates and Data presented in this website are generally accurate but... Read more
Origin of DAIUTB
I lived in Dubai from 1971 to 2003. My Website is about recalling Dubai as it used to be during that time... Read more